Pharmacy technology is an ideal career option for those who are personable, detail oriented, organized as well as interested in serving other people. With minimal requirements and strong job outlook, this career is perfect for entry level workers and people who are seeking a career change.

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Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists by giving prescribed medication to patients. They’re often responsible for general administrative tasks and basic pharmaceutical duties. A pharmacy technician test is first then the technician will usually work in hospital and retail pharmacies and their tasks might depend on their work environment.

Typically, a pharmacy technician receives prescription request from the patient and verify if the information is complete and accurate. Additional Pharmacy Technician Jobs include inputting billing information, filling insurance claims, handling money, taking stock inventory, and filling and creating patients history reports.

Extensive organization and mathematical skills are very important for pharmacy technicians. Since they are usually responsible for customer service, a personable demeanor and patience are also essential. Knowledge of medical terminology and insurance procedures is helpful too.

Most employers prefer employing Pharmacy Technicians with relevant training and experience. Most colleges offer associate degree and certificate programs that can help in preparing students with in depth knowledge of pharmacy terminology, laws, ethics and techniques.

The primary task of Physical Therapy Assistants is to help patients lessen or get rid of pains and increase mobility due to any kind of disorder or injury. All tasks needed for this purpose are performed under supervision of physical therapists. The most commonly used treatment procedures consist of physical exercises, massage therapies and application of light, water, cold and heat.

If Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs include working with physically challenged patients with difficulty to walk, then he/ she has to help them in walking using crutches, artificial limbs, wheelchairs and other related supportive equipment. They also prepare equipment and patients for diagnosis and treatment by the physical therapists. They have to ensure that all the equipment to be used are up and running and treatment areas are satisfactorily hygienic.

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A Physical Therapy Assistant can even communicate with patients and physical therapists about treatment requirements and schedules. They may have to discuss with therapists regarding any recommendation for modifying treatment exercises and plans.

He/ she has to keep records of the patient’s condition before any treatment, note down progress as well as inform the therapist about the same.

Apart from all these clinical tasks, the Physical Therapy Assistants also perform administrative tasks of the facility.

These include recording patient’s details, ordering new equipment, keeping track of the supplies and inventory, acting as receptionists and doing all treatment paperwork.

If you are interested in a Physical Therapy Assistant Career, then you have to hold at least a high school diploma, which is the minimum requirement by most employers. Some employers offer on-the-job training for them. The next step involves completing an accredited Physical Therapy Assistant program of 2 years period, after which you would be awarded the associate degree in the same. But remember that the Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs may vary depending on the employment facility such as a small clinic, nursing home or big hospital, but you can expect a fantastic Physical therapy assistant salary if you can push yourself in the demanding early study that is required


Facts About Physical Therapist Salary

by jimkirk1943 on November 4, 2013

Injuries form part of every professional athlete’s life. At given times in their careers, they are likely to suffer injuries with varying degrees of severity. This explains why the services of a physical therapist are required to ensure rehabilitation.

A physical therapist develops a plan using various treatment techniques to reduce pain, restore function, to prevent disability, and to promote ability to move. They are some of the highly paid healthcare professionals because of their important roles they play in injury treatment. Physical therapist salary is highly competitive in comparison to other healthcare salaries.

Physical Therapist Average Salary

The average salary of a physical therapist is $83,210 as of 2013. Many factors influence what a physical therapist takes home. Some of the factors include the facility where the therapist works, location and specializations employed by the therapist. The level of training one starts with in the career is likely to influence his/her competitive salary later.

Physical Therapist Salary Factors and Influences

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In any field the salary is influenced by the level of education, one earns before kick starting his/her career. Those with advanced degrees will be able to offer extensive treatment options, making them highly sort by the medical facilities. The nature of the facility will also have an influence on what one earns.

For instance, those who work in a nursing home environment earn an average salary of $83,220s while their counterparts in home care environment earn an average salary of $83,150. In the home care environment getting a job as a physical therapist is very competitive, it accounts for only 10% of the available positions in this field. Hospitals and health practitioners’ offices employ 28% and 38% of physical therapists respectively. For one to work in a more competitive sector and therefore command a higher salary he/she is encouraged to earn extra certifications.

The following are some of the top earning industries and their average physical therapist salary:

Home Health Care Facilities: $89,250

Employment Facilities: $84,710

Community Care Facilities: $82,840

Nursing Home Facilities: $83,320

Technical, Scientific and Management Consulting Industries: $91,020

What Is The Future?


This type of medical field is expected to grow by at least 40% by 2020. This gives prospected employees a reason to get involved in the field. This is about 13% improvement compared to other similar fields in health diagnosing and treating practitioner’s positions. Technology advancements are also increasing the available jobs in this field. Now treatments can be made to the newborns, by offering treatment to birth defects. The average physical therapist salary is also expected to grow annually.

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